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Destinations in and around Seefeld

Our Top Tips

Family vacation at Alpenpark Hotel is something special and with our excursion tips it gets even better.

Silver Mine Schwaz

The silver mine in Schwaz is a special location which is visited by families even at bad weather. By colliery railway you get 800m down into the mine where miners worked 500 years ago. (approx. 40 min. away from the hotel)  more information >>

Ötzi Village Umhausen

Parents and kids can learn much about the Ötzi and a time far far away. (approx. 45 min. away from the hotel) more info >>

Planetarium Schwaz

We take you into the universe and back! The planetarium is a multimedia institution which transports fun, knowledge and culture to you. Unlike an observatory, the night sky is generated artificially in a planetarium. (approx. 35 min. away from the hotel)

Customer Testimonials

What customers say about us

Fantastic hotel for a spa vacation

Peter | |

Great for children and babies

Roger | |

Great hotel for a business trip to Seefeld!

Martin | |

Happy to come again!

Natascha | |

Wonderful, a dream vacation! Top recovered!

Simone | |

Wellness combined with hiking holidays

Michael | |

A hotel with lots of Tyrolean charm and warmth

Heidi & Heinz | |

Children’s dreams come true

Lisa | |

Neat hotel complex with many offers

Matthias | |


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