Our sauna world at the hotel Alpenpark

Wellness for body and soul

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Relax in our sauna world and spend a couple of pleasant hours. Strengthen your immune system, train your heart and circulation, clean your pores and then relax extensively.

Our sauna world offers:

  • Finnish sauna
  • hut sauna
  • Japanese steam bath
  • infrared loungers
  • brine basin
  • brine inhalation refuge
  • generous relaxation area with water beds

Hotels with a sauna world are in demand

If you are looking for regeneration, peace and relaxation after a challenging day in nature, our sauna area is the right place to be! Many guests appreciate having a sauna world at their hotel. For them, there is nothing better for their body and circulation after a strenuous ski tour or a long hike. In fact, regular visits to the sauna promote blood circulation and stimulate the metabolism. The body is detoxified by the alternating bath of heat and cold and stimulated to regenerate.

Sauna rituals & opening times

We pamper you every day at the ✩✩✩✩s Hotel Alpenpark in Seefeld with aromatic infusions and peelings. The times for the sauna infusions on offer can be found in our animation program or in our concierge app.

Infrared to strengthen the immune system
Infrarot Sauna - Entspannung pur

Sweating in front of a brine wall

You will also work up a sweat at 35 ° Celsius on our infrared loungers. Here your circulation is spared as well and the immune system is strengthened. The blood circulation is improved, the metabolism is boosted and the effect of the deep heat relieves tension and muscle pain. The brine wall also ensures pleasant air, which has a cleansing effect on the lungs. A boon for people with a cold, asthmatics and smokers!

Steam bath at the ✩✩✩✩s Hotel Alpenpark

A treat for your respiratory system

The rules are not that strict in the steam bath. It is also much more beneficial for people with low blood pressure than the classic sauna. The lower temperatures between 40 to 55 ° Celsius and a humidity between 80 and 100 percent are particularly good for the respiratory tract. Here you also work up a sweat, go easy on your circulation system, and you can breathe deeply again.

Sauna etiquette for beginners

Greet, sweat, keep calm

A vacation is the perfect occasion to test the sauna. You have enough time, and access to the sauna area is included in the room price. Nevertheless, there are a few rules to be observed for sauna newbies.

In Austria, saunas are textile-free zones. Sweating in swimwear in the sauna is considered unhealthy and unhygienic. If you don’t want to go bare, you can wrap a large bath or sauna towel around your hips or body. Take a thorough shower before going to the sauna. Sauna cabins must not be entered with flip-flops. Whoever enters the sauna says hello and asks – if the sauna is already full – whether the space that you have aimed at is still free. On the sauna benches, lie or sit on a towel and keep your legs close to each other. Staring at other sauna guests and making provocative movements are taboo. What applies to every church also applies to the sauna. There is no chatting, maybe a short whisper conversation at the most, or praise for the performance of the infusion.

Tips for the perfect sauna session

Every beginning is hot

Sauna sessions are not precisely regulated science. This means that beginners can leave the sauna earlier than recommended. The stay should be short but intense. Take a shower first and then dry off well, because dry skin sweats faster. A warm footbath prior to the sauna session also promotes sweating. Sweat on the upper bench for several minutes, and then sit deeper if it gets too hot for you. For the last two minutes, you should sit up straight to activate your circulation. When outside, cool off in the fresh air just before you take a cold shower. Afterwards, we recommend alternating showers and a break. Wrap yourself warm in your bathrobe and make sure that you stay hydrated in the form of water or lukewarm tea. A massage after the sauna session can additionally increase the relaxing effect.


Book a relaxing holiday

Fancy wellness and sauna?

Then send us your non-binding holiday enquiry for your relaxation holiday at the Alpenpark Resort in Seefeld. Simply give us a call or write to us. We will be happy to provide you with further information about excursions, hiking tours and sporting opportunities in our region.

But one thing is for sure: you will return home relaxed and refreshed.

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