Something for everyone. Find a preview of all activities and excursions you can enjoy with your family during your vacation in Seefeld.

Active Holidays for the whole Family

The Hotel and its location offers all the elements needed for an active holiday with the whole family:

  • free of charge bike rental service
  • 25 m swimming pool, adult spa, indoor pool and a gym
  • professional child and baby care on two floors
  • family spa and water world
  • high class catering

The Ghost gorge in Leutasch

Experience the realm of ghosts and goblins. Various myths claim that a ghost lives there and acts like a guardian of the Leutasch valley. Visitors walk on three trails along bizarre rock formations above roaring water. (approx. 15 min. away from the hotel)  learn more >>

Rope adventure and balance parkour Scharnitz

Power, skill and balance is required to conquer the obstacle parkour. By playing you learn how to tie a knot and how to build a funicular. Go to your limits. Not far from the Alpenpark Resort. (approx. 10 min. away from the hotel)

Rafting for Kids in Scharnitz

A highlight of your vacation. Partly salt water (level 2) in the river Isar you learn to manoeuvre a rafting boat. Swimming skills are required.  Klaus is a certified rafting guide and bring over 40 years of experience to the table combined with much passion for the nature. (approx. 10 min. away from the hotel)

Alpine Zoo Innsbruck

In Innsbruck is the highest located zoo in Europe (750m altitude). A little bit more than 4 hectar surface offers enough space for more than 2000 animals of the Alpine region (around 150 species). No other zoo in the world is called home of so many animals from the Alpine region. (approx. 30 min. away from the hotel) learn more >>

Silver Mine Schwaz

The silver mine in Schwaz is a special location which is visited by families even at bad weather. By colliery railway you get 800m down into the mine where miners worked 500 years ago. (approx. 40 min. away from the hotel)  more information >>

Alpinolino Westendorf

Alpinolino is a adventure and discovery park at the Talkaser mountain (1770m) in Westendorf. “Learn more” is the adventure park motto. The Tyrolean mountain world with its funniest and most interesting site is presented to you. Discover animals and plants in an amazing way. (approx. 60 min. away from the hotel)

Planetarium Schwaz

We take you into the universe and back! The planetarium is a multimedia institution which transports fun, knowledge and culture to you. Unlike an observatory, the night sky is generated artificially in a planetarium. (approx. 35 min. away from the hotel)

Adventure Park – Climbing Forest Fulpmes

Various parkours are placed between trees, hanging in different heights from 1 to 15 meters including 70 various elements/exercises. An amazing combination of theme park and knowledge acquisition.

Alpine Coaster Zillertal

Located at the Zillertal-Arena valley station in Zell. The 1450m long coaster amazes not just kids but adults to. The 360 and the 540 degree loop cause an amazing adrenaline rush. The first roller coaster in Zillertal arena in Zell is fun for everyone.

Ötzi Village Umhausen

Parents and kids can learn much about the Ötzi and a time far far away. (approx. 45 min. away from the hotel) more info >>


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