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Excursions during Winter Holiday in Seefeld

Winterurlaub in Seefeld

Skiing is the main activity during winter. But we got more than skiing. A few activities we introduce to you now.


Snow tubing in Scharnitz

Big tires called snow  tubes are perfect to run down the hill! Groups of 10 or can buzz down the hill on a tub! More information here on Brandlift Scharnitz.

Ice Skating and Curling

Just 20 min away from the Alpenpark Hotel is the  Telfssports centre  Telfs with an ice skating arena. Completely independent regarding the weather conditions. Up to 8000 m2 of ice skating surface for all kinds of ice winter sports. More information here.

The house upside down

Just 40 min. away from the hotel at Vomperbach there is a house flipped upside down! It looks interesting from the outside and it gets even more when you enter it. The bed is on the roof, actually it is on the floor but the floor hangs down upon you!Experience the upside down House at Vomperbach.

More trips at Seefeld

More excursions are available just contact us for more help!

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Fantastic hotel for a spa vacation

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Great for children and babies

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Great hotel for a business trip to Seefeld!

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Happy to come again!

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Wonderful, a dream vacation! Top recovered!

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Wellness combined with hiking holidays

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A hotel with lots of Tyrolean charm and warmth

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Children’s dreams come true

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Neat hotel complex with many offers

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