Come home radiant from your vacation and show off your natural beauty! Our beauty treatments give you the feeling of being reborn. With the diverse beauty offer from the Alpenpark Resort, you are cared for from head to toe. Enjoy a SPA manicure, have your eyelashes tinted, treat yourself to make-up for the day or pamper your feet with a SPA pedicure.

Manicure for well-groomed hands

Perfectly manicured nails and hands, healthy cuticles, velvety soft. In our manicure we pamper your hands starting with the fingertips.

Manicure with varnish as an eye-catcher

Nice and neat, with the right color. This is how we really show off your hands and nails. A vibrant red or a subtle beige, tailored to your taste and type.

SPA manicure for relaxed hands

Your hands are on duty around the clock. Give them a break. We relax your hands and fingers in our spa manicure.


Your feet should also look beautiful. Then you can walk confidently through everyday life. In addition, our high-quality care products make the treatment a relaxing pleasure.

Pedicure with varnish

Beautiful toenails are simply part of a well-groomed appearance. In our pedicure, we make sure that you don’t want to hide your feet in the first place and we also add the right splash of color for you.

SPA pedicure – the pampering program for your feet

You are on your feet all day. This is why your feet deserve a pampering program too. Treat them to some wellness.

Eyebrow tinting for the right expression

We make your eyes even more radiant and expressive by coloring your eyebrows according to your type. For a perfect appearance!

Eyebrow shaping

Emphasize the advantages of your face! A well-shaped eyebrow that matches your features will create a beautiful frame around your eyes and make you look younger.

Eyelash dying for the perfect look

Perfectly emphasized eyes, without any mascara. Bring the world to a standstill with the blink of an eye!

Day make-up for a radiant look

Do you want to look more awake and younger? We emphasize your natural advantages with day make-up and conjure up natural freshness on your face – for a perfect day.

Special eye treatment for the look with a wow factor

So that your eyes shine again! With this treatment, we smooth fine lines, reduce wrinkles and crow’s feet and relax your tissue at the same time.

Duration: approx. 30 min.

Depilation bikini line

So that you feel completely at ease. With this type of hair removal, we gently ensure soft and supple skin.

Whole leg depilation

Say war on unnecessary hairs and you will only feel velvety soft skin. Seductive and sexy.

Depilation of the lower legs

Silky soft and seductive legs. After our gentle hair removal, you will feel sexy and attractive. Play with your charms!

Depilation upper lip or chin

Even the finest hairs are removed with this gentle method. This is how we bring out your natural beauty and you don’t wear anything but your radiant smile.

Depilation armpits

For more self-confidence, even in summer. We make sure that your armpit hair is gone for a longer time and guarantee velvety soft skin.


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