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Enjoy a bath and Feel Good!

Lay Back and Relax

Enjoy a relaxing bath, a mud pack or a traditional Tyrolean bath in hay so you can feel good immediately. Ethereal oils and natural elements will carry your senses away.

The warm water combined with scents used for aromatic therapy relaxes your whole body and allows you to drift away.


1001 Night Bath

Escape to the second-everyday life in an Oriental dream, and relax with a bottle of sparkling wine and a fruity Snack. Immerse yourself in the coziness of the Orient.

Duration: approx 101 Min.



This bath stimulates metabolism, detoxifies and dissolves dead skin cells from the skin surface. In a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, especially in Greece, the digested sludge will be applied to the skin, and then in the Rasul with a pleasant herbal steam moistened. The additional rubdown with sea salt causes a gentle Peeling. For relaxing holidays in Seefeld in Austria.

Duration: about 25 Min.

Moor pack

A treatment for rheumatic complaints, chronic female disorders and for the treatment of bone fractures. The pack has a warming effect and is therefore recommended also very in muscle tension.

Duration: approximately 40 Min.

Alpine Park-Hay Bath

You can relax in the Seefeld mountain Hay. It improves circulation, purifies and relaxes your muscles.

Duration: approximately 40 Min.

Special-Oil-Cream Bath

Regulates the hormones, moisturizes and smoothes the skin.
Duration: ca. 40 Min.

Goast butter-cream bath

The optimal use in drier and more sensitive skin, and irritation-prone skin.
Duration: 40 min. 


Bath like an Egyptian Queen. A real beauty treatment for the skin and a relaxing experience.
Duration: ca. 40 Minutes

Cucurbita body wrap

Effect: draining, peeling and moisturizing at the same time
Duration approx. 50 min.

Customer Testimonials

What customers say about us

Fantastic hotel for a spa vacation

Peter | |

Great for children and babies

Roger | |

Great hotel for a business trip to Seefeld!

Martin | |

Happy to come again!

Natascha | |

Wonderful, a dream vacation! Top recovered!

Simone | |

Wellness combined with hiking holidays

Michael | |

A hotel with lots of Tyrolean charm and warmth

Heidi & Heinz | |

Children’s dreams come true

Lisa | |

Neat hotel complex with many offers

Matthias | |


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