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Full Body Massages - for your balance

Hot- Stone Therapy, Aroma Therapy or Foot Massages

Leave everything behind and let us take away the stress!

Massages will bring you back to balance. Head massage, lymphatic drainage or a combination of different massages will make your body and soul balanced again.


Hot Stone Massage

With hot stones and warm essential Oils to relax and loosen up your back muscles. For relaxing holidays in Seefeld in Tyrol.

Duration: 30 Min.

Aroma Wellness Massage

With a pleasantly fragrant essential oils, we solve for a relaxing Massage, the tension of your back in a gentle art.

Duration: about 25 Min.

Aroma Wellness Massage

A relaxing Massage with pleasant aroma oils relieves tension in your back in a gentle art.

Duration: approx 50 Min.

Aroma Wellness Massage

A relaxing Massage with pleasant aroma oils, we loosen the ends of the tension in her back on the gentle art.

Duration: approximately 80 Min.

Full Body Massage

Relax your whole body from head to toe. With pleasantly scented Oils we solve your tension so that you feel completely comfortable.

Duration: approx 50 Min.

Foot Reflex Zones-Massage

Each Area under your foot is linked to a specific Organ of your body. Through the targeted Stimulation of the foot reflex zones, we mobilize your body’s own reserves and increase their vitality.

Duration: about 25 Min.

Vital Combi Massage

This combination of back and foot reflex zone Massage, we solve your tension and activate and harmonize your body.

Duration: approx 50 Min.

Lymphatic drainage according to Dr. Vodder

The lymphatic drainage is used for the detoxification and purification of the body. It is soothing and relaxing, strengthens your immune system and stimulates the metabolism.

Duration: approx 50 Min.

Head massage

Ideal for tension in the head area, for example, migraine, make we free this Massage your head.

Duration: about 25 Min.

Thai Massage

The Thai Massage is a combination of passive Yoga and acupressure. The application leads to more physical tension. You will feel the positive impact on your energy.
Duration: approximately 90 min.


It dissolves slag in the body, opens the pores and detoxifies the tissue. Thanks to the plucking and pumping technique used, even strong tension can be released. The energies of the body come back into balance. The general well-being increases.
Duration approx. 50 min.

Facial massage

A facial massage has the following advantages:
Wrinkles can be prevented, Blood circulation is encouraged and stimulated
Duration approx. 20 min.

Customer Testimonials

What customers say about us

Fantastic hotel for a spa vacation

Peter | |

Great for children and babies

Roger | |

Great hotel for a business trip to Seefeld!

Martin | |

Happy to come again!

Natascha | |

Wonderful, a dream vacation! Top recovered!

Simone | |

Wellness combined with hiking holidays

Michael | |

A hotel with lots of Tyrolean charm and warmth

Heidi & Heinz | |

Children’s dreams come true

Lisa | |

Neat hotel complex with many offers

Matthias | |


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